Feeding Bacon

IMG_4435(1)My name is Melissa Pistor and I am one of the interns at Laughing Goat Fiber Farm. I have been at the farm for 3 weeks and am enjoying my time here. I live in Otego, NY but I am originally from Colorado. I go to school at SUNY Cobleskill and I am majoring in Agricultural Business Management. My dream after college is to work with fiber, so this internship is giving me hands on experience with fiber and also the animals. I am so excited to see what the next couple of weeks bring! My favorite part so far has been giving the immunizations to the does but also bottle feeding Bacon.

DSC_6629Bacon is the sweetest goat ever! When I go out to the pasture to feed him, I call his name and he comes running to get fed. We feed him out of a Coke bottle, but instead of soda it is filled with 1 cup of goat formula and 1 cup of goat milk.


Bacon lives in the big pasture behind the house. In the pasture there is his mom, his brother, and other baby goats and their moms. Bacon is one of the friendliest goats out there. Since Bacon is so friendly, his brother Barley is also friendly because he follows Bacon’s lead. He loves to get held and pet. He is definitely my favorite!


Even though he does like getting held, he is getting too big as you can see! One of the reasons why we bottle feed Bacon because his mom’s udder is too big so Bacon can’t find the teat. We only give him a bottle in the morning and he drinks most of it. As I mentioned earlier, I have been here for 3 weeks and he has grown so much since the first time I met him. I am so proud of Bacon!